I got animal crossing new lead today and one of the first things I did was make a Goomy shirt

imageI love animal crossing new lead!


Let’s re-evaluate this, shall we?  They are in this relationship together, yes?  So, there’s a pretty good chance the asexual party knew that their partner ‘desired’ them, whatever that means, from the beginning.  You can’t chastise someone for having feelings for their partner.  Are partners of asexuals not allowed to talk about their personal feelings without being made out to be the bad guy?
Dear Anon,
I wish I knew who you were.  I hope you find this post.   I would tell you that just because your partner does not desire you in one way, doesn’t mean he does not desire you in some other form.  I know it is difficult and I know that you love them, which makes it harder, but trust that they love you just as much.  The best thing you can both do for your relationship is to openly communicate about your feelings on a regular basis.  If they love you, they will not be angry with you and will respect how you feel.  
A good activity might be to make a list of your individual needs in the relationships and come up with ways that you can both express your love in ways that you are comfortable with.  Are their compromise you can both make?  What can you both do?  Be inventive together.
My biggest regret from my last relationship was not telling my partner how much I appreciated all the little things she did for me to show that she loved me even though she couldn’t express that love in the way she wanted to.  I’m sure he knows how much you love him, and I bet he loves you just as much.  You just have different ways of expressing it.
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